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A fundraiser.

That doesn’t raise funds.

If only your efforts could be plugged into a mathematical formula.

Produce results in a neat tidy proportion according to a neat and tidy function.

But life is—how to put it—unexpected—not bound by numbers—but you can sum it up

In a cliché, an idiom

My go-to being

“When life gives you lemons, make—

But what if life doesn’t give you lemons?

What if life gives you nothing? Not even the seeds

At the halfway point, my summer in limbo…

How am I handling it?


The key to limbo is the flexibility

To duck under the obstacle

If Life doesn’t give you lemons or the lemons don’t grow,

Plant oranges instead and if you can’t do that

Ask someone who can

You can’t change the result without changing the inputs

You can’t change the world without changing yourself.

Another cliché: Tackle adversity head on!

And get a concussion to show for it.

A fool’s errand.

Like a tree, branch out to explore the sky

And every infinite possibility that lies there

Hidden behind the wispy clouds

Within the quiet breeze

A mirror.

That reflects?

A seed.

Yes, the idea but also


Germinating into thought, plan, strategy, action, etc. etc. etc.

Keep on thinking and branching

Let the roots of your imagination

take hold in your mind

And watch yourself grow

In the mirror

Roots underground, Boughs on a tree, stems on a leaf

All branching out

Until your fingers can touch the stars

But if possible I’d like to stay short as well…

So I can still play limbo.


An epilogue


The Punchline

Resiliency: (very roughly approximating estimating in a rough round about manner the exact words of my mentor) How well you can adapt to circumstance. Perseverance through creativity. Struggling and mulling through every possibility.

In a cliché: Pressure makes diamonds

Lemonade. (feat. Beyoncé)