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This week started off with a check-in with our site coordinator, who is a teacher and also works with educational non-profits. Morgan and I were able to run through our encryption, encoding, and cryptography lesson with her and it was very helpful! She had a lot of useful tips to make us more prepared for leading virtual lessons and feel more confident going into next week. I’ve led and taught in meetings before, but facilitating a lesson on Zoom is much more intimidating than in person, so it was nice to hear what a teacher has been doing for her students during virtual learning. 


We also got to meet a few of the participants during their orientation this week! As we have been spending the last couple weeks learning the ropes and crafting our lessons, it was exciting to see that the girls were eager to get started next week! I really hope they enjoy and learn from all of our lesson plans, as well have fun during their camp experience. I look forward to expanding the community we have started to build these past few weeks!