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This week we have been focusing on polishing our asynchronous lessons as well as rehearsing our synchronous lessons with our partner. On Tuesday, we kicked off with the synchronous plan practice with Jessie, discussing strategies that we can use to keep the girls engaged, as well as going through a run through of the entire presentation. We talked about details in the presentation slides that we can improve to make them more engaging and logical to the audience.

On Thursday we continued with our racial equity workshop, talking about understanding the history and social construction of race. The conversation of discovering Africa’s Great Civilizations and a narrative of the power and beauty of a Nation contrary to white supremacist narratives, which I think is extremely meaningful as to gain a deeper understanding of the levels of racism and the structural nature of racism. We then talked about racism in banks & lending, which I found very meaningful too. We went over formal definitions of prejudice, discrimination, hegemony, power, oppression and white supremacy. I really appreciate the opportunity of having deep, honest and engaging conversations in these workshops.