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The majority of the last week was spent on zoom calls with with fellow Duke Engagers as we worked on drafting and creating slide decks for our STEM lesson plans. It was challenging converting some of our ideas into engaging digital lessons, especially for the electives which will be taught asynchronously, but it allowed us to be very creative in making sure our activities were really interactive and entertaining. Learning how to utilize extensions and add-ons like peardeck in our lesson planning was very advantageous in making even asynchronous lessons feel very structured and immersive.

Next week, we are having several open houses for the parents of prospective students and the students themselves, and I am very excitedly nervous about making a good first impression. I’m gonna brush up on my Spanish a little bit before the open house so I can be helpful to the Girls Inc staff in making introductions. Eureka! camp is only a week away and I couldn’t be more thrilled.