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This week we worked on lesson plans for the participants to learn during camp soon. One covered STEM topics we will be facilitating synchronously and the other was a topic of our choice to be covered as asynchronous electives. After being a student for years, it was interesting to be on the flip side, actually being the one deciding and designing a lesson. I enjoyed learning new things along the process myself, as a lot of the topics were things I hadn’t learned about before.  It was harder than I originally thought to come up with engaging questions, both the serious ones capping off the STEM topic, and the fun, light-hearted icebreakers at the beginning. But, it was really exciting and rewarding to see it all come together, and I hope the participants have fun with the activities!

I also got to know some of my team members better this week. Even within the virtual boundaries of Zoom calls and facetimes, being able to have fun and form connections was a highlight of this week. I hope to continue to grow these friendships throughout the rest of the programs.