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As we went into our second week, we first started off with a continuation of recruitment, sending off several email blasts. The rest of the week consisted of Girls. Inc/ Eureka! training . The first training was a team bonding exercise, allowing us to get to know not only each other but the members of the Girls. Inc staff a bit better. I left the session having laughed a lot and excited to continue working with these kind women. This feeling carried out throughout the week, and it gave me hope for the prospect of building community in the virtual space this summer. 


I also felt a strong sense of community during our reflection session this week. We discussed difficulties women in STEM, like the members of our DE group and the girls we will be mentoring, have faced. Battling life-long imposter syndrome, whilst being talked over and having my ideas reiterated in breakout rooms by male classmates has been a frequent part of my virtual STEM learning experience this past year. It was both reassuring and disheartening to hear this was an all too common experience among the members of our cohort. So although a week of virtual training may not sound all that exciting, I am grateful for the knowledge imparted to us so we can build an encouraging and supportive community for the girls in the coming weeks. I look forward to serving as a mentor and resource to learn how to navigate the wonderful yet sometimes rocky slope of being a women in STEM.