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Week #2 Reflection:

To me, a group is a mix of people lumped together. In some cases, people are placed into these groups by an outside source (like a teacher forming groups for a project). In other cases, there are social groups, in which like-minded people are assembled together for the sake of their entertainment. While a community, on the other hand, is more of a collection of individuals working together for a common purpose. They typically have something tying them together, such as a neighborhood or a school. They have a reason to work for some type of common good because it affects every individual in the community.

The phrase “membership” is more concrete, representing that you have a set position within a group. However, having membership in a group does not imply “belonging.” Belonging implies that you have a sense of comfort and satisfaction within the people you are working with, making it a safer and more secure space. 

In order to inspire individuals to create change, they need a sense of belonging in a community. If they feel as though their membership in a community is appreciated, then individuals will have some type of intrinsic motivation to promote this change. 

My DukeEngage organization has done a great job introducing me to the team and ensuring that I am comfortable. I have only been there two weeks, and genuinely feel like I have a sense of belonging in the community. This feeling has translated into my work ethic — I am more inclined to put my best foot forward because of my position in the organization.