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Starting work in a time when everything is remote was definitely daunting and caused a lot of anxiety at first. Now more than ever, it is a time to be conscious of what we put in the world (items and thoughts) and what we consume. At the start of the summer, I knew I wanted to do something this summer that would give me more than monetary benefits; it was important for me to feel like I was part of a cause greater than me. Thiswas a slightly selfish pursuit to help me get through quarantine.This summer I decided to work for a small startup called Nama Water on making a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Specifically, I am in charge of using my computer science background to create an online presence — focused but not limited to a website. This was an important cause for me, because growing up in San Diego nature and the outdoors was my home. I was chosen for this role because of my background in software engineering and drive for enacting change in my community.I am most excited to grow my knowledge about the multi-billion dollar plastic industry,and the alternatives that are out in the market as well. I am also excited to grow my computer science skills to be used for something I think is important. I am mainly curious to learn how to make the best plastic alternative, and why the route Nama Water is pursuing is the best.