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As an ambitious eight-year-old I began fundraising for Project Morry, a youth development organization offering a summer camp experience and year-round academic enrichment and mentoring. Inspired by their commitment to education and year- round support for under-resourced communities, I organized walk-a-thons and swim-a-thons in my local community of South Florida. Twelve years later, I am proud to be working with Project Morry again this summer. I am mostly focusing in two departments of the organization, as well as directly with the Executive Director.

On the development side I am building my relationship skills through their “Camps that Give” programming. Summer camps nationwide often fundraise for Project Morry; however, with most camps canceling this summer, it brings a new, exciting challenge. I will be working with the head of their development to brainstorm and execute new ways to maintain and expand the “Camps that Give” relationships.

I am also working on programming for their oldest age group, 11th and 12th graders. For many of them, their last summer camp experience was stripped away from them due to COVID-19. Project Morry is committed to continuing its programming to maintain normalcy for these kids as the world around them changes in drastic ways. Part of the programming that I will partake in is college preparedness.

I am very excited to work with Project Morry and hopefully turn this unconventional summer into a very successful one for them. I anticipate learning a lot and participating in very rewarding experiences. Since there are many unknowns, there will be numerous obstacles, but I cannot exactly identify what they will be yet.