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This week we focused on doing all the necessary training for our partner organization girls inc. We learned how to facilitate learning, safety procedures, general rules, and even determined what kind of leaders we are based on the directions of a compass.

We then set to work on preparing our lesson plans for the girls. For week one of camp I will be working with Siera and Geena to help the girls design and build their own version of the Tower of Terror using simple items such as paper, tape, and rubber bands. The end goal is for them to learn about the engineering process and also create a tower that will allow an egg to survive the drop.

We also worked on week two’s lesson plan. Melissa and I will be leading a lesson about the eye. The girls will learn about the anatomy of the eye, build a model, and also design protective eyewear.

Finally, we looked at CSI week’s lessons. The girls will be attending different lessons and learning about forensics in order to solve a crime of their own. (Some very mischievous staff have stolen a car!) I’m really excited to prepare more for the lessons next week and for when camp actually starts!