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This past week has actually been really fun. Each day of training at Girls Inc. has been very informative and they make sure to have icebreakers to break down the time and allow us to to take breaks. We have done some really fun ones like Lava, and a rock, paper, scissors game. It is still difficult to get up early, but the training really is helpful. I have learned things about the camp, about myself and my leadership style, and about teaching and working with the girls.

I feel like I have gotten to know some great skills to use while I work at the camp. Like ELC (Experiential Learning Cycle) it is a way to get the girls to understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how to apply what they have learned. It is important for them to really understand the activities and what we want them to get out of it. This lesson about ELC was very important, it allowed me to understand what they expect from us and how I can do my lessons well. We also focused on teaching versus facilitating, and punishment versus discipline, and how we can use both of these ideas at the camp.

Today we got a lot done, we worked on our lesson plans, started our paper engineering lessons, and started the crime scene lessons. I wish I could have gone to this camp in middle school or high school; it seems like an amazing time. They go to great field trips and they do amazing projects, vans even comes to teach them how to make skateboards and they all make one.

I am really excited for these activities and to see how the girls interpret the instructions.