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As the clock winds down on our time here, going into the final week I reflect on what a fulfilling summer it has been. Time flew by so fast. These past seven weeks have been a transformative experience. I have learned a lot about myself in particular and life in general — that life is so much more peaceful without the constant buzz and distraction of an internet dominated world, that some of the most interesting people can be found under mud-brick-straw roofed sorghum beer huts, and that the answer to any Kabye question if you aren’t sure is alafiya. From my wonderful host family, to my students, to the Farende community at large, everyone I have come across has been extremely kind. That kindness, I will so much miss.

I also think of my work here at the cybere and I reflect on the progress we made. It’s amazing to see how far the youth have come with their computer literacy and typing skills compared to when we first got here. I find their skills even more impressive given their struggles with few charged computers and consistent internet. The cybere — this small pink three roomed building– has been my place of comfort and truly I will miss hanging out there with the people who come in daily for computer time.

This, truly has been a great summer. Adieu for now Farende!