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This week, my partner and I finally presented, and it went well! Our presentation focused on the groups of participants brainstorming a cause they are passionate about, learning HTML, and discussing how branding is used to evoke a message. We initially were worried about filling the time during our facilitation, but we ended up almost running out of time. We even had to skip the last breakout room. Given our constraints and guidelines, I believe we did what we needed to do, and the participants enjoyed their time during our session. 

The hardest part of facilitating was explaining the directions and then answering very specific questions and requests from participants. I am very grateful for our partner organization staff because they prepped us well and jumped in where needed when answering logistical questions. Because HTML can look extremely daunting when first seeing it, some of the participants were hesitant or confused about how to start learning it on the website. Addressing those concerns and accommodating the project to those that didn’t have access to a computer or didn’t want to experiment with HTML was a challenge. However in the end, all concerns were handled and all of the final websites or presentations the participants presented were amazing.