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This week’s reflection prompt was for us to “imagine how we might remake the world, what would it look like and how would we get there?”. I re-read that sentence about twenty times. My first train of thought leads me down a movie-like scene; trees everywhere, communal living, peace amongst worlds, that sort of thing. I imagine a world where everyone is treated equally, has access to fresh food, good water, and medicine. Where the communities have resilient capabilities to overcome trying situations and move past them, stronger than they were before.

First and foremost, we must address our faults. We must acknowledge where we have gone wrong as a society and how the capitalist perspective has left millions of people behind. The rich must realize that they will not become poor if they redistribute ~at least some~ of their wealth. The capitalist perspective has also affected our morale, our literal will to live. Young people now think that if they do not become rich, they have failed at life. We have slowly but surely lost the joy in the small things. Spending time with family, nurturing young people and children, slowing down, sitting outside, and being comfortable with doing nothing for a little bit to calm your soul. I come from a culture where time spent not working is not considered wasted time, but just living. If we can somehow stop shaming ourselves for not feeling exhausted after a day’s work, I think that is a start.

Currently, we live in a world that will crumble under the weight of the wealthy. We are no longer self-sufficient, but now depend on external resources to get us through. My resilience work has shown me that self-sufficiency, engaging in community, connecting with each other, and being well (mentally, physically, emotionally) are key characteristics of individuals in a resilient community. Reflect on your yesterday. Do you think you are resilient? Did you connect with someone? Did you do something for yourself and for others? Do you consider yourself to be healthy?

I beg of you to take some time to reflect. Reflect on your motivations, your happiness, your fulfillment… How can we expect to construct a progressive world where no one is happy? There will be no advancement of society, no remaking of a society, when the individuals of that society have no resilience, no motivation, and no happiness. I realize a total remake of this world is not realistic, but what about a remaking of your personal world? How will that affect those around you and your community?