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While doing the first two weeks of DukeEngage, I found it very interesting to find out how much of a person’s life is at stake within a document. Whether it was translating or filling out an application or paper, there is always something at stake for a person and I never really gave thought to how much of an impact that can be.

This may be a program where we are helping a lot of people regarding civil justice and immigration, but to them, we are here to help them have a chance into getting better opportunities in life. DukeEngage is more than a resume builder and these weeks have made this a lot more clearer than it was before. I always thought about it being to help others but actually partaking in it helps even more. Every morning, I remind myself about this so that I don’t have the mentality of just going through the motions but instead knowing that for every person I try to help, it is so that they can have a chance in living in the United States, where a lot of times, it is better.

I’m looking forward to the next weeks as I continue helping others in any way I can.