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I always get really confused as to why the USCIS still does not really have many of their forms in other languages. Although America doesn’t really have a national language, they still make this atmosphere where everyone must try and learn English if they want to be able to push forward. This is even more apparent when it comes to USCIS and someone trying to come to America for multiple reasons. I can’t imagine the feeling of trying to understand a lot of different forms or what one has to do and not really understand what it is saying. There are even moments when I read instructions from institutions or from the government and I get confused and terrified if I did something wrong. And that is with it being in the language that I speak. I feel like there should be some change within the USCIS so that there isn’t another unfair obstacle placed on people that are trying to leave their country for different reasons. It is already 2021, where everything is digitalized and also shared in a widespread manner. With that in mind, it is an even bigger moment to try and translate everything regarding the USCIS!!