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This past week has been simply amazing. I was taken aback by how such small the interactions at the Emergency Center could influence my mood. The Emergency Center serves as a vital part of the overall ICCA organization. Its purpose is to serve children that no longer have a safe environment to progress in. The Center provides a safe space for children removed from potentially harmful living situations. It is not an ideal situation; however, the center provides as comfortable of a life as it can. I am grateful to be able to support ICCA and The Emergency Rescue Center.

I am so happy to be spending my time here doing something so meaningful. Although it has only been one week, I have already seen a clear change in the attitude of the children towards our group. They are not only excited for our company but many of them have broken out of their shell. I am very impressed with this change in attitude. I had assumed that we would have a much more difficult time connecting with the children, given their circumstances. However, I have been pleasantly surprised across the board.

However, I have noticed that this past week has only consisted of very superficial interactions. I fear that if this were to continue throughout the entirety of the program, then we may not leave these children with anything to learn from. I am hoping that within the next few weeks, we might be able to develop a program that will create a meaningful impact that will produce an evident change in these children’s lives. I look forward to exploring those with my peers and site leaders.