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This week was the first week of Eureka! Camp. Ever since we arrived in Orange County, California, we have been preparing for Eureka!, so I was excited that it was finally time for the camp to begin. Throughout the first week of camp, as we traveled back to Cal State Fullerton, we shared our highs and lows of the day with each other. I would like to share two of my highs that occurred during this week.

One of my highs was facilitating a STEM lesson in which the girls learned about the engineering of theme park drop rides. Once the girls understood how drop rides functioned, we asked them to design a drop ride that was at least 4-feet tall and could safely hold an egg while the egg dropped a minimum of 3-feet. I enjoyed seeing the excitement on the girls’ faces when they realized that they had engineered a drop ride that successfully prevented an egg from breaking or hitting the floor. It was shocking that even though seventy girls did this lesson, there was not one drop ride that was identical to another drop ride. The girls were creative, and it was fascinating to see the energy and the time they put into engineering their drop rides.

My second high of the week was facilitating a Girls Inc. class. Before this week, I was nervous to facilitate because I had never done it, and I had not had the chance to observe one of the staff members as she facilitated. However, the class that I facilitated, which focused on leadership, went well! The girls and I discussed the topics that they cared about, leadership styles, the importance of teamwork, and examples for using power in a positive manner. I am thankful for the 8th grade girls that I had in my Girls Inc. class this week because they were respectful, patient, and adaptive. I hope that throughout the remaining three weeks, I will continue to spend time with them and develop friendships with them.

The first week of Eureka! has made me feel more grateful than I already did that I have the opportunity to participate in this program. I look forward to all of the highs that I will experience during the following weeks.