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After what felt like endless preparations, the Eureka! camp finally started! I was nervous logging into Zoom Tuesday morning for the first session. I had no idea how many virtual campers there would be or their engagement level. I have been blown away by the camper’s engagement, willingness to participate, and their eagerness to learn and share. The chat on each Zoom is extremely active, and the campers are all happy to participate even in breakout rooms. 

The main thing that stood out to me this week was the camper’s acceptance and inclusivity. The maturity all of them have when discussing topics, especially important and potentially sensitive ones like consent and mental health, is amazing. As a junior in college, middle school really wasn’t that long ago, but I struggle to remember ever having similar conversations during my middle school experience. I am also learning during this camp as they discuss their own lived experiences and opinions. After the success that was this past week, I am excited to continue another week of camp and continue to strengthen relationships, facilitate activities, and reflect.