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Always be Optimizing

Published by Annie Wang
At the beginning of quarantine, I began volunteering my efforts to help an education nonprofit create a digital guide for …
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You Can Shred It, I Guess

Published by Samuel Bentlin
I mean it definitely makes sense It’s even obvious I would say That people need value and meaning To find …
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Week #3 Reflection

Published by Christopher Poon
Ariely’s ideas do resonate with me a lot. In one of my class’s last semester, we actually talked a lot …
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Progress and Purpose

Published by Sarah Xu
In Dan Ariely’s talk “What makes us feel good about our work?”, Ariely describes a set of experiments that show …
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Creating Something that Lives

Published by Reagan Sanders
Ariely spoke of an experiment that showed people’s reluctance to continue a task if the work was later destroyed or …
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From Consumer to Producer

Published by Daniel Hwang
Thoughts on Ariely’s Talk I really enjoyed Ariely’s talk as an affirmation of the idea that work becomes greater when …
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Published by Jacob Kowalick-Allen
My first year of college I was an engineer. I was not very happy in class. Though there were some …
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Week 3 Reflection

Published by Alexander Hoffman
I found Ariely’s TED Talk to be charming and affirming, but altogether rather unsurprising. The pursuit of passion and the …
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