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My workspace!

Working From Home

Published by Sonia He
To say that this summer looks nothing as I envisioned would be an understatement.   Before the pandemic hit, I …
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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Published by Annie Wang
For many of us as college students, this may be the last summer we ever spend in our hometowns.  At …
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Starting Duke Engage

Published by Sarah Xu
On May 25, I started a remote internship at Saath, a non-profit based in Ahmedabad, India with the goal of …
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Week 1 Reflection

Published by Alexander Hoffman
My ENGAGE program is different than most in the sense that my team will not be working with any particular constituency or …
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Week One Reflection

Published by Pippa Lother
Currently, I’m working on a project with the Bass Connections group from Duke called Ignite to create a streamlined course …
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A Collection

Published by Rachel Beza-Juarez
Doing a DukeEngage independent project this summer was not something I anticipated or truthfully was entirely prepared for. However, as …
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Getting Started

Published by William Brodner
Hello everyone! My name is Will Brodner and this summer I’m working with the Criminal Justice Resource Center on issues …
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