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A return of sorts

Published by Ketty Bai
Although I only lived for a few years in nearby Montgomery County when I was little, I haven’t found a …
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To help describe the previous paragraph

The Vernacular of Chile

Published by Evelyn Garcia
Hello! My name is Evelyn, and I’m writing the blog for this week! Throughout the weeks that we been here, …
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Published by Kaitlyn Boncaro
As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, a number of non-profit organizations exist in Orange County and they often work …
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Published by Mallissa Vuong
Just earlier today, I was at Girls Inc. helping them prepare for the start of Eureka! camp next week. I …
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Goodbye for now, Colombia

Published by Miguel Gonzalez
Tomorrow I leave to go back home. It has been an amazing two-months here in Cartagena, Colombia, and I feel …
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Here Comes the Sun

Published by Karen Zhao
This weekend was Family Fun Fest, the orientation day for Eureka camp. Going in, I was both nervous and excited …
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