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A return of sorts

Published by Ketty Bai
Although I only lived for a few years in nearby Montgomery County when I was little, I haven’t found a …
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entrance to cabin

Welcome to Neltume, Chile

Published by Elena Puccio
My name is Elena and I will be spending the next two months in Neltume, Chile with 6 other undergrads, …
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From the Other Side

Published by Michelle Gao
Greetings from Durham England! I can’t believe that it has already been 5 days since we got here. Despite the …
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The view from the Hollywood sign


Published by Theresa Tong
This week consisted of preparation and more preparation of our own lesson plans, as well as the curriculum from Girl’s …
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The Next Step

Published by Elayne Wang
This week flew by! On Monday we continued developing our lesson plans. We gathered materials and prepared power points and …
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