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Published by Belanie Nagiel
Earlier today, the seven other duke students and I spent a little over two hours doing ice breakers and games …
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Caught in the Net

Published by Fiona Xin
This Tuesday was Fourth of July. Our group planned a trip to the Biltmore 2017 Fireworks Spectacular to be festive …
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Métro, boulot, dodo

Published by Elaine Zhong
Growing up in a stereotypical Asian household, the one thing my parents never stop bugging us about is “finding a …
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Liberty and Justice for all?

Published by Gianna Miller
July 4th. A day that brings even the most unpatriotic people out to the BBQ wearing red, white, and blue. …
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A pool of water in a forest

Beauty in Simplicity

Published by Nick Simmons
My favorite sunsets lack technicolor displays as light bounces off clouds. Rather, they consist of the sun quietly falling below …
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