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6th Grade English Camp

Week 2: Swim

Published by Melody Hong
This week marked the first week that we began teaching at Jiguchon International School, and boyyyy was it eventful. I …
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An Outsider of the System

Published by Anqi Pu
Throughout years, I’ve been accustomed to being an outsider. Deeply influenced by Martha Nussbaum, I try to practice rational detachment. …
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Durham vs. University

Published by Vishnu Gottiparthy
Spending time in the city of Durham, UK has proved to be incredibly helpful in learning about the history and …
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A Community Behind a Wall

Published by Nathan Keene
The first day of work at Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Durham, Connor Dean (my DukeEngage colleague) and I were taken …
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A Deeper Look

Published by Kaelah Brauher
Growing up in a small town in Michigan, I’ve never had much exposure to homelessness. The only homeless people I …
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Welcome to the Coon Carnival

Published by Ashleigh Smith
The word “coon” is heavy with history. But whose history determines how heavy? In America, the word “coon” is met …
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Wrapping Up

Published by Elaine Zhong
As I am writing this blog, there is only one week left of DukeEngage-Miami. After all the personal rants in …
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