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Of Goats and Sheep

Published by tvishadola
Every morning I wake to the sound of goats screaming at each other on the compound. The sound resembles a …
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Embracing Discomfort

Published by Kanav Chhabra
When people would ask me what I would be doing in Ecuador, I would have a conversation that looked like …
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People not Paper

Published by Michael Saporito
I love monotonous jobs: filling out paperwork, sending emails—you name it, I’ll do it. The work I do at Luchadores …
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Temporary Patients Group Photo

La Fundación Padre Damian

Published by Harry Liu
For the past month and a half, I’ve been volunteering at La Fundación Padre Damian.  It is a residential hospital …
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Waste Management Projects

Published by Junette Yu
We’ve finished presenting the series of compost toilet workshops at all 10 villages around Moturiki. The feedback was very positive …
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