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Elliott Davis in Mt. Hood National Forest

The Great Environmental Debate

Published by Elliott Davis
Before coming to Duke, I understood that environmental issues are largely the externalities of economic development. So, the solutions seemed …
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people holding posters

Portland Familiarity

Published by Elliott Davis
Two weeks of DukeEngage have officially gone by. While it feels like we just arrived to Portland, there is a …
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A pool of water in a forest

Beauty in Simplicity

Published by Nick Simmons
My favorite sunsets lack technicolor displays as light bounces off clouds. Rather, they consist of the sun quietly falling below …
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“The Environment”

Published by Sierra Cleveland
As an environmental science minor, I chose the Portland DukeEngage program because of its theme of sustainability and environmentalism. I …
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people sitting along the sidewalk at a parade

Lost and Found

Published by Margaret Overton
LOST Our group’s arrival to Portland was far from graceful and effortless. A week prior, we found out that our …
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