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Week 4 – Provider

Published by Sheridan Wilbur
Provider   I am the misfit lock to your keyhole crafted meticulously, yet the ridges do not align I bear …
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A girl posing with a green coconut

Here’s a Haiku, NEAT!

Published by Ella Head
Coconuts are grand, Water refreshes, so sweet Best Hawaiian treat!   All Photos by Delmar Kaiser.
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South Serbia in June

Published by J.J. Moncus '19
The Hills hold much to be discovered red tile roofs poke up from trees in the valleys a lone train …
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The Truth

Published by nishauppuluri
I have always seen hospitals as clean scientific white safe havens. I have wandered with wide eyes through winding hallways, idolizing …
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El Poder Femenino

Published by Nisha Uppuluri
La Virgen y La Zorra. The obedient wife and the lustful mistress. The pious mother and the sex object. Día …
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Awakening, Turrialbeño Style

Published by Nisha Uppuluri
I have no paragraphs for you, only poetry.   Leaky roof. Creaky floorboards. Ants marching across the kitchen table. One …
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Stormy Weather

Published by Janie Booth
The rains pounded on the windows and the wind shook the doors all night. The storm was one of biblical …
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