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people in classroom learning

An Air of Finality

Published by Valentina Saavedra
The End to an Incredible Experience Two months sounds like an exorbitant amount of time. Two months sounds like an …
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Our First Week in Seoul

Published by Valentina Saavedra
Blog Post #2   Though this week I am in charge of the Group Blog, I wanted to continue to …
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We are all a bit lost looking for food, but James looks the most picturesque while being lost.

Lost in Translation

Published by Youlim Kim
Week 1 Stepping into Incheon Airport was low-key terrifying. Five of us had arrived at the same time, with me …
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North Korea and Soybeans

Published by Brandon Bui
It has been quite the week for the DukeEngagers in South Korea. One word that I would use to describe …
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open suitcase full of clothes and things

Pre-departure Thoughts

Published by Peining Yang
Today is Friday 25th of May, twenty two days since summer started and two days prior to departure of my …
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