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Week 1 Reflection

Published by Emma Swill
As an ambitious eight-year-old I began fundraising for Project Morry, a youth development organization offering a summer camp experience and …
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A Turn of Events

Published by Victoria McReynolds
Of all of the unexpected things that have happened this year, I didn’t really expect to be translating once again. …
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Their Small Hands

Published by Brianna Joyce
Every morning at the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center, social workers and medical providers and casemanagers squeeze their way into …
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Full of Potential

Published by Molly Chakraborty
Throughout my life, I’ve heard many things to describe, or maybe even justify, why people are homeless. It’s their fault; …
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My Gay Summer

Published by Nathan Heffernan
Texas to California I grew up in an upper middle-class suburb of Houston, Texas, in a town once nicknamed the …
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A Different Office Culture

Published by Grace Sipp
When I found out that I would be partnered with Crag Environmental Law Center for my DukeEngage summer, a very …
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