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DukeEngage Durham Arts students performing a song

Fearless (Ben’s Version)

Published by Ben Joo
Three weeks ago, I would’ve adamantly told you that I dislike performances, practicing the violin, or even simply applying the …
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Searching for Sugarman

Published by Bennett Burnes
In the hyper-connected world that we live in, it is difficult to contextualize the isolation that the apartheid brought.  However, …
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Jazz in NOLA

Published by Emily Dean
On our streetcar ride to the Red Cross each morning, there are signs for live music on nearly every block. …
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A marble tomb in the middle of a large room that looks slightly like a greenhouse: a sloped glass ceiling with a clear blue, late-afternoon sky above. The floor is marble as well and there are green bushes and leafy plants around the tomb. The back wall is glass and, past some trees, the city of Belgrade is barely visible.

Two Vignettes from the Same Day

Published by Matthew Griffin
The scene by the marble tomb was too quiet, too peaceful. Outside the late-afternoon sun burnished the trees and tall …
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Affecting Change

Published by Breanna Polascik
It’s hard to believe that its already been almost two months since I first arrived in Singapore and my project …
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The Sound of Music

Published by NadiaFord
Sometimes, the song defines the moment. Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride – Lilo and Stitch I am in high school. Maybe it’s …
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two young men standing outside under a business sign

New Town, New Orleans

Published by Nicholas Berray
From reputation, New Orleans boasts such delirious energy and deep-rooted culture that, coming in, I wasn’t sure whether I should …
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