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My Gay Summer

Published by Nathan Heffernan
Texas to California I grew up in an upper middle-class suburb of Houston, Texas, in a town once nicknamed the …
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A picture of the author inside the Constitutional Court of South Africa

You’re Gay? That’s Okay!

Published by Andrew Zheng
I’ve seen my fair share of the world, good and bad. So I have grown to expect everything and anything. …
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Adios, Tucson!

Published by Cristina Perez
I begin to tell her it’s my last time and I likely won’t see her again. As I finish my …
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Two rainbow themed paintings

The Illusion of a Perfect Pride

Published by Aurelio Falconi
The Excitement is Here! I started my DukeEngage program ecstatic to spend pride month in San Francisco. My co-workers have …
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People marching in a Pride parade

SF Pride 2017

Published by Natalia Espinosa
Two weekends ago, I got to march with USF in San Francisco’s pride parade. The march route goes down Market …
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sun setting over highway

Creating Space

Published by Jair Oballe
Yesterday, I was taken to a youth drag showcase at a small café blocks away from where we live. Upon …
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Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

Published by Christian Tanner
When confronted with the many opportunities DukeEngage offered, I knew I had to decide which issues were close to my heart and …
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A building in San Francisco with "P" "R" "I" "D" "E" banners

Role of Allies

Published by Jessie Petrow-Cohen
“Just this past month while taking AP exams at my high school I was filling out the student information section …
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