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Hasta Luego, Miami

Published by Paula Moreno
At the beginning of the program, I thought eight weeks would take forever. Now we’re approaching our final week, and …
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Fripe-Prix and Farewells

Published by Mikayla Aguie
People always say that a Duke Engage project goes by really fast …  I didn’t realize how right they were. …
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Stop Telling Women to Smile

Published by Olivia McAuliffe
One of the first things I noticed when I walked into my supervisor’s office at Sonke was a poster on …
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Week 5 – Bread and Roses

Published by Sheridan Wilbur
I’m at the point in my trip where I’m beginning to question what it means to truly, engage.   Is engaging …
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Initial Thoughts

Published by Urmi Pandya
DukeEngage-Cabo Verde May 22- July 17, 2018 Reflection 1: Narratives, Storytelling & Assumptions Our civic engagement consists of working at …
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Zemun, a municipality of Belgrade

Strangeness and Familiarity

Published by Carter Teng
The progression of my homesickness was alarming. I had been in Belgrade for less than two weeks when I changed …
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Impact on Me

Published by Morgan Bird
As I wrap up the final week of my DukeEngage experience, I reflect on the meaningful people with whom I …
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“What’s Up, Sexy?”

Published by Anna Chulack
Sexual harassment is any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment includes but is not limited to physical, verbal, …
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