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An Ode to Weedwacking

Published by Ashley Rosen
Cut hands Bruised calves Aching shoulders Sweat filled eyes Grass coated skin   The scent of mixed gasoline permeates the …
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America, The Great Deceptor

Published by Jeremy Carballo Pineda
“Este es el mejor país en todo el mundo, sin duda…”   The validity of this statement is something that …
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Unwanted Help?

Published by Nicholas Portuondo
Although it feels like forever, only seven weeks ago I was an excited and giddy DukeEngage participant starstruck by a …
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a painting

Om Shanti | May Peace Be Upon You

Published by Avishek Khan
In Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, Om Shanti means “eternal peace for all of mankind.” According to Hindu scripture, is …
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The Mid-Afternoon Slump

Published by Sarah Perez
I am absolutely loving my internship this summer; the people are so smart and kind and fun, and the work …
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Wounded Hippos

Published by Lily Koning
During Duke Engage Academy, we were told two stories. In the first of these stories, the ocean washes thousands of …
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Shaken, Not Stirred

Published by Olivia McAuliffe
It’s been easy to avoid the realities of crime and desperation while living in the gated haven that is the …
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