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The Language of Berry Milk

Published by Brandon Bui
This week was definitely the most challenging week so far, but that was expected since the kids and English levels …
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#5—Week 2 Comes to a Close!!

Published by Arthi Kozhumam
Tuesday, June 5th. Today was work at 2 different project sites—WIN and ESSS. After updating our lesson plans and creating …
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Prosthetic Party

Published by Belanie Nagiel
All of the planning and prepping in the past five weeks of the DukeEngage-Orange County program led up to this …
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And Let There Be Light…

Published by Sakura Anning Yoshihara
This week, we finally saw the completion and fruition of what we’ve been working towards from the beginning of this …
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Both Teaching and Learning

Published by Melissa Horowitz
Most of our weeks of preparation prior to the start of Eureka! camp were in anticipation of this week, when …
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A Lesson Learned

Published by Siera Lunn
This past Friday, we had the opportunity to lead various activities for girls who are rising 4th-6th graders and are …
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Training with Girls Inc.

Published by Caitlyn Martinez
This past week has actually been really fun. Each day of training at Girls Inc. has been very informative and …
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Orangements (Arrangements)

Published by Theresa Tong
It’s been a busy week of early mornings and many hours spent at Girl’s Inc., training and revising our lesson …
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