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Law, Activism, and Sacrifice

Published by Victoria Wang
Before coming to Cape Town, the word “activist” evoked specific images: those of people on the streets and on campuses, …
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World View Changed in One Week

Published by Tiffany Ho
We have been staying at BorderLinks these past two weeks. In the first week, we learned about issues related to …
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Getting Started

Published by Elaine Zhong & Bella Rivera
“Adulting” is hard. That’s the first thought that comes to my mind at the end of this four-day week that …
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Bring Me The Law

Published by Fiona Xin, Jose San Martin, Jason Brovich
Everyone’s wheels touched down sometime on Friday last week, but we spent the night raiding the grocery section of a …
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Tulane and Broad

Published by Michelle Li
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) The first day of work I texted my program director after I …
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San Francisco team 2016

Statistics of “Freedom”

Published by Ji-Ho Park
Another week in San Francisco meant another suite of events and activities happening around the city. This past weekend was …
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