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After 8 Weeks

Published by Sadhana Suryadevara
As my DukeEngage summer comes to a close, I am thinking forward about what comes next. Because I am planning …
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Beyond the Farewell

Published by Horacio Rios
As eager college students, we go into most things with a certain drive. We feel real adulthood creeping up on …
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Week 4 of Eureka!

Published by Mallissa Vuong
This was the last week of Eureka! camp and it was a whirlwind. The finale of the summer camp has …
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An Air of Finality

Published by Valentina Saavedra
The End to an Incredible Experience Two months sounds like an exorbitant amount of time. Two months sounds like an …
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Group Blog – South Korea Week 5

Published by Jea Kim, Valentina Saavedra
JEA’S SECTION <Farewell to the Adorables> Maybe four weeks was way too short. During the last week at Jiguchon, we …
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