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Strong, Smart, Bold

Published by Caitlyn Martinez
This was the last week of camp. It has been such a joy working with the girls I’m going to …
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duke student posing with two adults and one child

Saying Goodbye is Hard

Published by PamelaSurran
It has been a week since leaving Zhuhai and looking back on it is an utterly surreal feeling. The final …
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large group of performers dancing on stage wearing duke tshirts

Post 8 – The Final Rhythm

Published by DanielSong
The program has finally concluded, and after a little under 40 hours of traveling, I’ve  made it home. I usually …
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open air hut overlooking blue lagoon

Blog, Story, and Pictures

Published by howardli
My DukeEngage project in Fiji is over, so this will be my last blog post. There are three sections here, …
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25-30 young people on stage, waving

Zài jiàn Zhuhai

Published by Megan Wong
I was not prepared for this. I saw it coming from miles away. I felt it creeping closer and closer. …
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