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Migration As An Opportunity

Published by Melissa White
At Scalabrini, one of the first things we learned in orientation was about the mission of the organization. By working …
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Introductions at the morning assembly

Group Blog #6 DukeEngage South Korea

Published by Peining Yang & Brandon Bui
This week, our group began teaching at Woorideul School (우리들학교), a specialized academy for North Korean refugees and Korean-Chinese who have …
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people smiling in classroom

안녕 Jiguchon!

Published by Peining Yang
And that’s a wrap! Well, for now.   This week we completed our teaching journey at Jiguchon School. Over the …
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with Jiyeon!

Four, Purple, Hexagon.

Published by Peining Yang
  Today is Sunday 24th of June. Today also marks the half way point of my DukeEngage journey. It’s absolutely …
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Border Issues in Tuscon

Published by Jose Ortega
These first 2 weeks in Tucson have opened my eyes to some of the dark truths behind the US-Mexico border. …
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