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A map of where A21 has offices currently

The Language We Use

Published by Kristiana Gambuti
As an English major, I have always been fascinated with words. With the weight they carry. With the influence they …
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North Korea and Soybeans

Published by Brandon Bui
It has been quite the week for the DukeEngagers in South Korea. One word that I would use to describe …
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Hungary’s War on Human Rights

Published by Dillon Leovic
“The police grabbed the first man they saw. They grabbed him and started beating him with their batons. There was …
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Am I Really Helping?

Published by Lenae Ryan
Every day, we walk into the black building with bright red windows at 33 Church Street. We say hi to …
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White marble building in front of a body of water

Freedom to Run

Published by Nima Mohammadi
I love to run. It gives me the chance to collect myself and my thoughts over the events of the …
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A fence

Ningún Ser Humano Es Ilegal

Published by Olivia Morales
I’ve recently been, reevaluating all I’ve ever known in my 19 years of existence on this planet. The people I’ve …
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