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My First Day at Touro!

Published by Jande Thomas
This summer, I have the opportunity to intern at Touro Infirmary, which is a non-profit hospital in New Orleans, and …
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A Jazzy Time So Far

Published by Josh Engel
Hi everyone! My name is Josh Engel and I am a rising senior studying Biomedical Engineering. This summer I will …
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two women smiling and posing for the camera

Adding Life to Days

Published by janelramkalawan
Palliative care is often abridged to ‘end-of-life care’. It’s how the field was first introduced to me. I heard these …
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Affecting Change

Published by Breanna Polascik
It’s hard to believe that its already been almost two months since I first arrived in Singapore and my project …
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business sign

Let the Good Work Roll

Published by Madison Mastrangelo
The phone buzzes nonstop, children gobble snacks in the waiting room, detectives flash their badges, and adults attempt to mask …
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Hello Singapore

Published by Breanna Polascik
In the week and a half that I’ve been in Singapore for my DukeEngage Independent Project, it already feels like …
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