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An Introduction to Metro

Published by Charles Keziah
When I tell people I work at Metro, I usually get one of two responses.  One is “Oh, you mean …
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House Is in Session!

Published by Haeryn Kim
Today, we went to sit in on a session at the House of Representatives. It was early in the morning, …
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An Outsider of the System

Published by Anqi Pu
Throughout years, I’ve been accustomed to being an outsider. Deeply influenced by Martha Nussbaum, I try to practice rational detachment. …
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children and grown-ups sitting on a classroom floor

Slum Does Not Equal Homeless

Published by Loren Breen
After 15 years in the United States education system, I thought I had at least a general understanding of life …
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White marble building in front of a body of water

Freedom to Run

Published by Nima Mohammadi
I love to run. It gives me the chance to collect myself and my thoughts over the events of the …
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group of young people standing in front of a wall of inspiring words

First Week @ BIRN

Published by Alli Fisher 19'
An attempted assassination of Montenegrin Prime Minister by Russian nationalists. Continued conflict between Serbia and Kosovo. Croatia’s largest retailer on …
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World View Changed in One Week

Published by Tiffany Ho
We have been staying at BorderLinks these past two weeks. In the first week, we learned about issues related to …
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Getting Started

Published by Elaine Zhong & Bella Rivera
“Adulting” is hard. That’s the first thought that comes to my mind at the end of this four-day week that …
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Published by Brian Englar
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) If I wanted to, I could walk right through the front doors …
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