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Week Three Group Update

Published by Melody Hong and Brock Salzman
This week we moved to another class: the 4th graders! The age difference between 6th grade and 4th grade could …
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Published by Siera Lunn
My favorite part of the final week of Eureka! was Eurekathon!, which was a celebration that consisted of dancing, singing, …
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The Last Day of Camp

Published by Melissa Horowitz
It’s hard to believe that four weeks of Eureka! camp and eight weeks of DukeEngage-Orange Coun have gone by so …
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Wrapping Up

Published by Belanie Nagiel
The past eight weeks have gone by in a blur. Every day has felt like a lifetime, packed full of …
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To My Girls

Published by Sakura Anning Yoshihara
With tears, hugs, pictures, a cake, the macarena, and the barney trap remix, Eureka! camp came to an end, and …
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Camp: Week 4

Published by Elayne Wang
The last week of camp was CSI week! The van with the food for Eurekathon (the party at the end …
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young child sitting with female health worker

Por Dicha

Published by jordanrichardson
My final day in Costa Rica was marked with many tearful goodbyes and promises of visits and staying in touch. …
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words on a whiteboard surrounded by students

Naming the Feeling

Published by Sara Yuen
As a linguistics major, I am often questioned about my subject of study. It’s a reasonable inquiry! Language is a …
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