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Words Fail

Published by Callie Keen
I watched as she ripped the flower I drew to pieces, watched the shreds of paper descend slowly to the …
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Summit of Volcan Villarica, with 12,293' Volcan Lanin in the distance

Our Final Climb

Published by Ethan Ready
Greetings from the South of Chile! I’m Ethan, a rising Junior from Chapel Hill, writing the last blog for our …
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The Life-Cycle of a Friendship

Published by John Sittu
(Disclaimer–this post will probably not make much sense if you haven’t read my previous post. Or perhaps not even then.) …
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castle outside

From one Durham to the other

Published by Joyce Zhou
Saying goodbye to our time in Durham, NC, was surprisingly hard. During our approximately six weeks here, I have really …
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students giving hearts to the camera

So Long, Farewell Jiguchon

Published by James Feng
Goodbyes suck. They’re hard and frankly, I’m not very good at them. I’m usually the person who waves and says …
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Thank You Jiguchon, Saranghae

Week 5: Goodbyes

Published by Melody Hong
This week was our last and final week at Jiguchon, and it was a whirlwind of emotions. Our last class …
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people smiling in classroom

안녕 Jiguchon!

Published by Peining Yang
And that’s a wrap! Well, for now.   This week we completed our teaching journey at Jiguchon School. Over the …
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Amigu Pa Sempre

Published by Bailey Heit
“Amigu pa sempre” (friend forever) has become the message of this trip for me. Along with this being the only …
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