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Rhythmic Discovery in Zhuhai

Published by AdityaMantri
I finally feel pretty settled here. I’m used to not understanding most of the words I hear, used to going …
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Students in classroom

A Lonely Place

Published by NadiaFord
Bad moods are my worst enemy. If my life were a movie, which I am pretty convinced it is at …
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Published by phyllis
“Life is full of ups and downs… You may have too much negativity in your mind right now, so close …
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Wǒ bù zhīdào

Published by Megan Wong
Wǒ bù zhīdào, which means “I don’t know”, is one of the first Chinese phrases I’ve learned, but it also …
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Post 2

Published by DanielSong
The past week since last sitting down to reflect in a blog post has gone by, no matter how cliché …
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Art on a classroom wall

Stronger Together

Published by Chelsea Richardson
(This blog is from the Summer of 2016.) “I can make a difference in my family.” That was the theme …
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Graphic of the Coalicion de Derechos Humanos

Answering the Call

Published by Rachel Katz
“No sé donde está mi hija. Por favor, puede ayudarme a buscar pa ella?” “I don’t know where my daughter …
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Students dropping gallons of water in the desert in Arivaca, AZ

Pa’delante Forward

Published by Garrett Post
I just got here, and it’s already time to leave. I don’t know how I can go when there’s so …
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