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Two Worlds

Published by Jeremy Carballo Pineda
A simple exchange of words between my mother and I keeps reminding me of how this internship has provided me …
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Bertoua, Cameroon

Published by Stephanie Mayle
I’m currently three weeks into my time in Cameroon, and yet it somehow feels like a lifetime. There is so …
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Week 4 – Provider

Published by Sheridan Wilbur
Provider   I am the misfit lock to your keyhole crafted meticulously, yet the ridges do not align I bear …
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The Importance of Advocacy

Published by Jessica Marlow
“You are all part of the top 10 percent. You do know that right?” An uncomfortable silence descends. We look …
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Brandon gets mobbed by six 1st graders...and we thought last week was difficult.

Week 4 Group Blog: Chorus or Chaos

Published by James Feng and Youlim Kim
None of us realized just how hard teaching could be until we started teaching first and second graders. The First …
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Published by Michael Saporito
Today when I got back from work, I had an interesting conversation with my host mom about identity, specifically, last …
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