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Introduction to the Queen City

Published by Madeleine Sparrow
In my first week in Charlotte, I am most struck by the glaring economic disparities evident across the different residential …
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Place Matters

Published by Ashley Coats
This morning I attended an event sponsored by The Hill: Maternal and Child Health: Tackling Disparities, Improving Outcomes. Much of …
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A panoramic of a playground

La Minga

Published by Michael Saporito
In Quechua, a minga means a contract between individuals during a meeting. In Ecuador, friends and community commonly get together …
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Published by Mikhal Kidane
Public transportation generally has the reputation of being the preferred means of travel for working class commuters. Public transportation is …
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blue blocks with words related to finance painted on them

Discovering Durham

Published by Beini Wang
When I told my friends that I would stay in Durham for six weeks during the summer, they were all …
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workspace with desk and chair

Durham: a city in transition

Published by Connor Dean
Durham, North Carolina, is a city in transition. Around the turn of the 21st century, the Tobacco companies that had …
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