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Crowded Subway Station

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Published by Connie Zhou
Doug begins to cross the street and he freezes. I try singing, I try playing his favorite songs, and I …
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Outrunning Time

Published by Kaitlyn Boncaro
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. When you fly to California from North Carolina you …
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Elliott Davis in Mt. Hood National Forest

The Great Environmental Debate

Published by Elliott Davis
Before coming to Duke, I understood that environmental issues are largely the externalities of economic development. So, the solutions seemed …
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A21 Summer Update #3

Published by Aidan Workman
As I prepared for working at A21 this summer, most of my thoughts were focused on learning as much as …
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border wall

Coming to the Wound

Published by Axel Herrera Ramos
As an undocumented immigrant, I am highly familiar with the impacts of being undocumented. Making the decision to come to …
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