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Mandated Reporting

Published by Lyndsay Hastings
Our first day of training for the Eureka! camp, and we’re given information that I’m not fully prepared to hear. …
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border wall

Coming to the Wound

Published by Axel Herrera Ramos
As an undocumented immigrant, I am highly familiar with the impacts of being undocumented. Making the decision to come to …
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The Border wall in Nogales, AZ

The Illegal Wall

Published by Sujeiry Jimenez
To learn about the border is one thing, but to stand in front of it is a completely different experience …
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Awakening, Turrialbeño Style

Published by Nisha Uppuluri
I have no paragraphs for you, only poetry.   Leaky roof. Creaky floorboards. Ants marching across the kitchen table. One …
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