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Durham Literacy

Published by Leticia Flores
My rewarding tutoring experience at the Durham Literacy Center likely would never had happened had it not been with DukeEngage. …
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view of castle

The North

Published by Alex Heap
Our program has entered the second week of its placement in Durham, England. However, Durham is a relatively small city …
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castle outside

From one Durham to the other

Published by Joyce Zhou
Saying goodbye to our time in Durham, NC, was surprisingly hard. During our approximately six weeks here, I have really …
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Bursting the Duke Bubble

Published by Alex Heap
The Duke bubble is real. For the humble price of $70k a year, Duke creates a little world in which …
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Members of Threshold recently met with State Representatives to discuss mental health issues

Reaching the Threshold

Published by Alex Heap
Through our panels with President Price, Mayor Schewel, and other key figures within the Durham community, our DukeEngage program has …
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The Rise of a New Durham

Published by Harry Han
From the very start of my internship at Durham’s OEWD (Office of Economic and Workforce Development), it became abundantly clear …
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